Other Harvesting & Field Trailers

Field Dolly’s for Ag Harvesting Trailers

  • Ground Clearance: 30″
  • Track 80″
  • Other tracks available.
Harvesting Trailer Field Dolly
Harvesting Field Dolly Trailer

Field Harvesting Trailers with hinging sideboards.

  • Standard sideboard width 12″, Also 14″ and 18″ available.
White Denair Field Harvesting Trailer With Hinging Sideboard
White Denair Field Harvesting Trailer

Transfer Field Trailers

  • Hydraulic-powered chain bed. 4 and 6 row chains.
Transfer Field Trailers
Hydraulic Powered Transfer Field Trailers

Interstate Tilt Deck Trailers

  • We are also a dealer of Interstate Trailers, Inc..
Interstate Tilt Deck Trailers
Tilt Deck Trailer