Custom Designed Lowboys

Denair turns the heaviest job into a simple one-man task. The Denair Lowboy Dovetail has a full-width loading ramp to accommodate narrow and wide track equipment. Lowering the ramp is accomplished by way of the air/ hydraulic power system. The system is totally self-contained and has no need for a wet-kit onboard your truck or tractor. After the ramp is down, just hook up the 8,000-pound electric winch to easily and quickly load up your equipment, being further accommodated by Lowboy axles for lower deck heights.

Built to work… Built to last!

  • Single piece H-Beam lower deck main frame – no short sections pieced together.
  • 17.5” radial tires – rated above California bridge – law carrying capacities.
  • Adjustable torque arm suspension for added stability and longevity.
  • 2-speed landing gear- not an inflexible “drop foot”. Adjustable to fit any truck hookup.
  • Tie – down placement to meet your specifications.
  • Painted to your color.

Whether you are a grower, a harvesting company, a produce hauler or in any other area of the agricultural business that uses trailers, we’d like to invite you to find out about the Denair line of trailers.

White Lowboy Dovetail