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Custom Field Trailer Manufacturing

Custom White Field Trailer

Delivering excellence for over 42 years.

We do that by custom designing and building your Denair to meet your equipment requirement including lengths. We listen very carefully to you as you inform us of your specific needs. After all, no one knows your needs better than you. We then respond to the information you have given us by combining your input with our technical and manufacturing know-how, and our standards of product excellence, innovation and safety. Then we build a trailer, and it's not just any trailer... it's your trailer. It's a Denair, built specifically to meet your needs.

Blue Lowboy Trailer

Time is money, and "downtime" is the enemy of profit

We understand how critical it is for your equipment to be on the job when it's needed, and performing until the job is done. We know about the critical windows of time for planting and harvesting... and the challenges presented by changing weather conditions. We know about all of these requirements, in addition to the routine moving of equipment from field to field.